Encoding Services

Streamhoster's on demand streaming accounts support Flash, Windows Media and QuickTime. Because the service supports all major formats, you will have compatibility with Flash player, Silverlight player, Windows Media player and QuickTime player.

The Streamhoster service allows each customer to encode their own files, so you can achieve the exact quality levels required, using the formats you want. Streamhoster allows you maximum flexibility. You are free to upload any length of file, at any quality level, using any format you want. Our staff recommends converting your files to Windows Media and/or Flash format in general for maximum compatibility. While our service allows uploading of .avi and .mpg, these formats do not provide the best combination of compatibility and performance.

If you cannot encode your files, Streamhoster staff can encode for you organization. Streamhoster will achieve the best quality and performance possible. Please see the rates below: