Live Broadcast Streaming

All live broadcast streaming accounts include the following features:
Live Streaming Plan GB Transfer/Month Overage Rate Price/Mo
Standard Plans (incredible value)
Live 1 5GB $6/GB $30.00
Live 2 25GB $4/GB $50.00
Live 3 150GB $2/GB $99.00
Live 4 333GB $1/GB $199.00
Live 5 800GB $1/GB $399.00
Live 6 1,400GB $1/GB $599.00
High Activity Plans (an exceptional value for very large projects)
HA1 2,400GB $.50/GB $899.00
HA2 4,000GB $.50/GB $1,299.00
HA3 6,000GB $.50/GB $1,599.00
HA4 10,000GB $.50/GB $2,499.00
Higher plans available. Contact with your project requirements for pricing and details

Best Value

We believe Streamhoster is the best value available overall. Please compare our plans, data transfer, performance, price, and format support with any other provider. We believe Streamhoster will be your choice in any direct comparison.

Complete Format support

Choose between Flash, Windows Media and QuickTime. We offer support for each live streaming type. The most popular are Windows Media and Flash. Streamhoster supports the newest codecs for each format (i.e. H.264, Windows media video 9, VC-1, etc.).


The Streamhoster network is multi-homed, using multiple-premium transit providers. A network design required to achieve high performance video playback. All streaming accounts are fully bursting, ensuring that your viewers will start watching video as fast as is possible, period. Streamhoster will never be the "bottleneck".

Streamhoster maintains substantial free capacity at all times, ensuring network and system resources are amply available to clients. Beware of other hosting providers using under-powered networks while over-selling beyond their network capacity. Your organization and viewers deserve better.

Account Features

All live streaming accounts include a centralized control panel with administrative, billing, and streaming account management for all services with Streamhoster.

Optional Security add-on

An optional Security Token add-on is available for clients requiring strong content security. If your business model requires controlled access to live streams, you will need the Security Token add-on. This add-on is designed to be completely transparent to viewers.

The add-on can be added to a live broadcast streaming account for +$50/month. Once added, the live broadcast viewing link will be secured, and will require a valid token to grant the viewer access. Using a simple script call from your web site (i.e. PHP, ASP, PYTHON, PERL, etc.), you can retrieve a valid token in real-time. This add-on will offer protection for Flash streaming, Windows media streams.

If interested, please contact and request the add-on be added to your account.